APM Search Keyboard Shortcuts


15 Sep 2020

Did you know the "keys" to a quick music search are at your fingertips?

Whether it's moving from one track to the next or sending a track to a colleague, our keyboard shortcuts will help you navigate the APM Search site efficiently and speed up your workflow.


Enhance your search experience with these KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS:

Space Bar: Play/Pause
Up Arrow: Previous track
Down Arrow: Next Track
Right Arrow: Fast-forward 5 seconds
Left Arrow: Rewind 5 seconds
Shift and + or -: Volume up or down
D: Download active track in player
A: Add active track in player to your projects
S: Send active track in player to a colleague


APM Search Keyboard Shortcuts Guide



We continue to add new features and enhancements to optimize your workflow on the APM Search site.