A photo of the CES 2023 exhibit floor

CES 2023: New Audio Technology To Watch For

10 Jan 2023

A photo of audio equipment

CES 2023 wrapped up over the weekend, and geeks are drooling at the astounding new tech that were announced during the event. From flying cars to brand-new electric cars from, wait for this – Sony and Honda to wireless TV sets to Pee Scanners, every geek has got something to be happy about.

However, since this is a music-centric blog, we will focus on the new tech around audio, which will catch your ears. Ready?

Wireless Vinyl Record Players

The resurgence of vinyl records and players is the comeback story of the century. People who threw away their records and turntables to the curb must be kicking themselves today when they see that vinyl sales have surpassed CD sales. Vinyl has gotten so big that CES has been launching new vinyl-related products almost every year since the start of the new decade and a huge part of that is the shiny wireless record players. Here ate the new wireless vinyl record players that were announced at CES 2023

Speakers and Headsets

Watching movies and TV shows or playing video games is never complete without capable speakers, soundbars, and headsets. So, this product category is genuinely one of the most awaited announcements.

Music Production Gear

While this product category is mostly for NAMM shows, CES 2023 showcased a bunch of new audio production gear from Roland, including electronic drum sets, stand-alone production units, a commemorative piano, and midi controllers.

There you go! It's truly a great time to be a music lover and producer with all these companies creating gear that are both cutting-edge and affordable.