Unrivaled Archival: 2024's First Edition

01 Apr 2024


It's a new year but we're throwing it back with our Unrivaled Archival newsletter.

Newly Digitized Re-Releases

When it comes to archival, APM is unrivaled. We've curated our Top 30 newly-digitized tracks for you to stream here including some bluesy rockabilly, cool prog-rock grooves, cinematic strings, and much more. Many of these original recordings are available for sync in the U.S. for the first time!

Five To Feature

APM has reissued 70+ archival albums since our last update. [Link this for “70+ archival albums” = https://go.apmmusic.com/dzk3u] Here are five stand-outs featuring Italian synth psychedelica, SoCal soft rock from the sunset '70s, crooning ballads from the ‘60s lounge, and elegant ballroom orchestras.


We're revisiting one of the most mythical and influential French library labels, Patchwork. A variety of tracks focusing on groovy psyche pop, adventurous jazz funk, electronic experiments featuring analog synths, vintage keyboards and cosmic guitars recorded between 1976 and 1986 by renowned musicians from that era such as Jean-Pierre Decerf, Pierre Dutour, Teddy Lasry, Claude Perraudin and many more.

Album Covers to Drool Over

We're suckers for solid cover art and archival albums have some of the best. Check out the newest additions to our gallery.

New Catalog Alert!

By selectors, for selectors: Our newest archival label, Fadeaway Editions, is a meticulously curated collection of lost and unreleased vintage treasures scattered across the margins of doo wop, gospel, jazz, funk, soul, rock n roll, and all the spaces in between. Their first 3 reissues feature a collection of recordings spanning 1962-1989, from vocal-driven greaser rock, crooners, southern gospel, prog rock, and hippy folk.

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