Album cover of Euphoria

Euphoria: A New Trailer Album from Liquid Cinema

31 Mar 2023

Liquid Cinema, one of the best trailer music libraries in the world recently released an album called Euphoria: Motivational Inspirational Trailers

The 47-track album is loaded with powerful and inspirational music bursting with hope, positivity, and triumph.  

Listen to the full album. 

Album cover of Euphoria


Trailer Music At-a-Glance 

  • Trailer music is a genre of music specifically composed and produced for movie trailers, television promos, and video game trailers. 
  • The first use of music in movie trailers dates to the 1930s, when studios started adding music to their previews to create a more cinematic experience. 
  • Trailer music has become an important marketing tool in the entertainment industry. A well-crafted trailer with the right music can generate buzz and excitement for a film, television show, or video game. 
  • According to a study, 90% of people said that music is what makes a trailer memorable. 
  • Trailer music is typically epic and orchestral, with heavy use of percussion, strings, and brass instruments. It often features a strong beat and a rising crescendo, creating a sense of tension and excitement. 
  • In recent years, trailer music has become more diverse, with composers experimenting with electronic and hybrid styles, blending traditional orchestral elements with modern sounds. 
  • Trailer music has also become a popular genre, with fans listening to the music outside of its original context in trailers. 
  • Trailer music is a growing industry, with a global value of around $1 billion. 
  • The most popular genres for trailer music are epic/orchestral, hybrid, and electronic. The most popular sub-genres include action, drama, and adventure. 
  • Trailer music has also been used in other forms of media, including commercials, sports events, and even political campaigns.