A logo for the KPM Hip-Hop Collection Volume 1

Digital Hip-Hop Collectibles Are The New Bling

25 Jan 2023

A graphic showing the KPM Hip-Hop Collection Volume 1

As the demand for digital collectibles rises, more and more music-centric offerings are becoming available to the public. One of the most sought-after variants is digital hip-hop collectibles. Superstars like Snoop DogFuture, and Eminem have joined the craze and started offering exclusive tracks on digital collectible marketplaces like Opensea, Serenade, and TuneGo. These hip-hop collectibles are so popular that they are now considered the new bling.

Everyone knows that samples are the foundation of every hip-hop track. But did you know that one of the most popular sample sources is production music or music created especially for film, tv, video games, and advertising? And the "king" of all production music libraries is KPM. If you've been listening to hip-hop music from the beginning, chances are you've already heard a break, a bassline, a horn stab, or a guitar lick sampled from a KPM album. 

KPM and TuneGo have partnered to create the ultimate hip-hop collectible with the KPM Hip Hop Collection Volume 1. The collection includes four digital collectibles of original hip-hop tracks from the iconic KPM Music library (90% Rare, 10% Legendary), a commemorative ticket, and a REBATE of 15 FLOW tokens. Only 250 are available.

Reserve your spot HERE before it becomes available to the public tomorrow. It's the ultimate bling, so don't miss out!